Clinic Program Overview

SAC/HC’s Clinic program is designed for qualifying participants to learn skills and build teamwork. Boys and girls play on gender-specific teams based on residential districts and school location. In order to promote and develop foot skills among all players, no goalkeepers are used in the Clinic program.

Age Restrictions
Program placement is based on the player’s year of birth. Please consult our “Age Chart” to find your child’s qualifying program(s).

Team Formation
Boys and girls play on gender-specific teams based on their residential district/school location. Other factors in team placement include date of registration and any special request made by parents. Players will be contacted by mid August for Fall play and mid-March for spring play by their assigned coach via email or phone call. Please contact your Clinic District Coordinator with any questions or concerns in regards to team formation.

Uniform / Equipment
Coaches will distribute an Under Armour jersey and socks to players. No shorts are provided. Parents are expected to provide for their children: shorts, a size 3 soccer ball, a quart size water bottle, shin guards, and appropriate footwear (soccer cleats are optional).


Teams meet Saturday morning’s for 8 weeks in the Fall and 8 weeks in the Spring.

Age Group Time (Saturdays only)
2012’s 9:00-10:30am
2013’s 11:00am-Noon

The first half of each session is devoted to skills and the second half of the practice consists of a coach-facilitated game with no referees. Play occurs on a field at various Howard County public schools. There are no weekday practice sessions for the Clinic program. A parent or guardian is expected to remain with their child throughout each Clinic session.

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