Recreational Program Overview

Rec PatchSAC/HC provides three levels of Recreational play:

  1. Recreation (gender and district-based)


      • U7 – U14
      • U8 Rec Plus (Formally Challenge)
      • High School League (U15 – U19)
  1. Select (gender and tryout-based)


      • U9 – U14
  1. Challenge (gender and tryout-based)


      • U9 – U12 Tournament Teams
      • U14 – BBSL League Play

Registration is available for Fall/Spring or Spring only play.

Team placement is based on the players age using a fiscal year beginning August 1 and ending July 31st. Use “What is my district and age group” below to determine a team or age group.

The Recreational Program is administered by the  VP – Recreational Program and Age Group Coordinators (e.g., U7, U8).