Outside Teams (Rec)

Outside Team Registration for SAC’s Rec League

- Spring 2018 -

Registration and payment must be complete by March 9, 2018 (No Exceptions)

Registration Information

All Outside Teams will be required to register through our club registration system (Blue Sombrero). Club reps will need to create or access their existing accounts to register their teams (registration instructions can be found below).

Registration/Payment Deadline

For the Spring 2018 season, all payments must be submitted by March 9, 2018.

League Fees

To be collected through Online Team Registration (Blue Sombrero):

2011-2010 (5 aside) $935

2009-2008 (7 aside) $980

2007-2005 (9 aside) $1,150

2004-1999 (11 aside) $1,370

Other Fees

If your club/team is a MSYSA Affiliate, there will be no MSYSA Fee charged. If not, an MSYSA Fee of $6.50 per player will be applied to your online registration account after your team roster has been received. Payment of these fees will be due by the date listed above or the team will not be included in the league schedule.

Performance Bond
In addition to the League Registration Fee & any MSYSA Fees, a Performance Bond of $500 will be required of each participating Club (not team). The Performance Bond will not be collected as a part of the online Registration Fee, and will need to be mailed (check) to the SAC office by the date listed above. Checks should be made payable to SAC. Bonds will not be cashed unless a team forfeits a game or has unpaid fees.


Rosters must be submitted to Christine (christine@sachc.org) by March 23, 2018. All rosters will need to be submitted using the following form: click here. No other formats will be accepted.

Background Checks

All clubs must ensure that a Background Check has been submitted for all team officials. Clubs must submit a letter stating that background checks have been completed by the club.

How to Register

All Outside Teams will be required to register through our club registration system (Blue Sombrero). Club reps will need to create or access their existing accounts to register their teams. Individual player registrations will not be required, only a single registration for each team. For registration instructions, click here.

SAC Contact

Christine O’Brien
410-203-9590 x2026

League Information

Team level of play

Choose Select for a higher level/more competitive league.
Choose Recreation for a lower level.  Please choose the level that will be the most fun for the players.  Once schedules are set, we cannot move teams to another division.

Season Dates

The Spring 2018 season will run for 8 weeks starting the weekend of April 13/14/15.


Schedules will be available on the SAC website prior to the start of the season.  All scheduling requests must be submitted to the SAC Scheduler at sac-scheduler@sac-hc.org before schedules are released, no changes will be made after.

Age/Gender Requirements
  • Divisions are based on single birth year teams only, per the US Soccer Mandates.
  • Teams are GENDER based (no exception). There are no coed divisions.
  • Players are allowed to play up but may not play down in a lower age level.
  • No Carded Travel players are allowed, this is a Recreation League

If you would like to view our age chart, click here

Team Jerseys

SAC will issue each of its teams 2 jerseys:  a WHITE/HOME jersey and a ROYAL/AWAY jersey.  The schedule will have either a house symbol on it or column headers to denote the HOME team (depending on where you view it). If your team has the same jersey color, please be sure to work with your opponent prior to the game.


US Soccer has implemented mandates, effective January 1, 2016, which restrict the heading of a soccer ball for players aged 12 and under.


SAC disallows the wearing of eyewear not approved for contact sports. (Any players who are visually impaired must wear sports-related eyewear secured with a sports strap or safety goggles.)  Players wearing a cast are not permitted to participate in practices or games.  Players may not wear watches, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings or any personal decoration that may harm themselves or another player. Starter posts for earrings must be removed prior to play and cannot be taped or have a Band-Aid cover them. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Field Status

For the fields at Covenant Park and Howard Community College please check our website (www.sackick.com) or call our hotline at 410-992-1111. For Board of Education fields, please call their hotline at 410-313-6827.

Sportsmanship Code of Conduct


The game of soccer is for the players. SAC expects that the players in our program will always exhibit good sportsmanship and a sense of fair play. Players must understand that, when they participate, they are representatives of their soccer club as well as their team, coaches, parents and community. They should, therefore, act accordingly. All players should adhere to the following code of conduct:

  • Treat all coaches, opponents, teammates, parents, and officials with respect
  • Display self-control in all situations
  • Avoid use of foul or abusive language
  • Always play within the laws of the game (Fair Play).
  • Shake hands with opponents at the conclusion of every game and refrain from such acts that would be considered disrespectful of an opponent.


Parents can have a significant impact, either positive or negative, on a child before, during and after a match.  Parents must remember that the game is for the children and should be treated accordingly.  Just as coaches and players are expected to exhibit good sportsmanship during the game, parents are expected to refrain from unsporting behavior on the sideline.

Parents are expected to:

  • Maintain a positive sideline demeanor by not berating coaches, referees, or other players.
  • Cheer positively.  Your child’s teammates and opponents are young amateurs, not professionals.  Cheer for good play and fair play on the part of all players.
  • Let the coach, coach no matter how much you disagree with him or her.
  • Act like an adult.  Be positive, encourage all of the players, respect others and be a spectator.

Parents are expected to refrain from:

  • Yelling directives at players and/or making rude or profane comments from the sideline.
  • Coaching from the sideline.
  • Providing negative encouragement to players (e.g., you’re not trying hard enough).
  • Badgering/berating the referee and/or aggressively disputing calls and non-calls.
  • Badgering/berating opposing players and/or their coach.
  • Being critical of their own team’s play or that of an individual player on the team.

SAC Contact


Christine O’Brien
410-203-9590 ext. 2026