Rec vs Rec Plus

SAC/HC is currently offering two different programs for the 7/8 Age Group. We are asking each family to choose the program that best fits their child’s needs. You can choose between the Recreation program and the Rec Plus program:

Recreation or Rec Plus?

The standard Recreation program will provide the normal progression of activities that were expected of our regular Recreational program. Teams will practice once a week and play an eight game season during the Fall and Spring.
The Rec Plus program is designed for parents who are looking for a more intensive soccer experience for their children. Rec Plus teams will practice twice a week, play an eight game season, and participate in at least one tournament. One of the weekly practices will be conducted by a SAC/HC appointed professional coach; this session will be referred to as Technical Training. Participation in the Rec Plus program will require the additional expense of about $100 per player for the year. This expense covers the 16 technical training sessions and the tournament. During registration, you will be prompted to select either “Recreation” or “Recreation Plus”; fees will be calculated online accordingly. 

Please remember that in addition to there being no tryouts for the Rec Plus program, player selection and team formation in this program is not intended to produce super teams – it is designed to enhance player development regardless of who the coach may be. Thus, if a parent chooses to participate in the Rec Plus program and play for a particular coach, assignment to the team will be based on a first come first served basis. Specifically, assignment to a team will be made based on (1) the date the parent registered his/her son or daughter to play for the soccer season, and (2) who the parent requested for a coach in the special request section of the registration form. If you are not among the first eight players registered for a specific Rec Plus coach, and have indicated a preference to play in the Rec Plus program, your son or daughter will be placed on a Rec Plus team that has openings. All players, who request placement in the Rec Plus Program will be so placed.

We are asking each family to choose the program that is best for their child. Players in the Rec Plus program are expected to attend both practices each week. If you can’t make this commitment then the Rec Plus program is not right for your family and the Recreation program is a better fit. Before making a decision, however, each parent should ask:

  • Does my child look forward to practices and games?
  • Is my child fully engaged in practices and games?
  • Did my child attend the overwhelming majority of practices and game during the previous soccer year?
  • Does my child play soccer on his/her own or with friends?

If you answered in the affirmative to each of these questions then the Rec Plus program is right for your child. If not, you should choose to have your child participate in the Recreation program.

Also, it is extremely important that you recognize that participation in the Recreation program does not mean that your son or daughter will be discouraged from participating in the Select or Travel team program in the following year. You are merely selecting a less intensive program at this stage of your son or daughters soccer development.

At the time of registration, you must select whether your child would like to participate in the Recreation program or the Rec Plus program. If you would like your child to play for a specific coach within either program, please indicate this in the special request section of the registration form.


If your child was originally registered for the Recreation program, but would now like to participate in the Rec Plus program, please contact both your Age Group Coordinator and SAC/HC’s Registrar as soon as possible. To view a list of all Rec Age Group Coordinators and their contact information, please use the “Age Group Coordinators” link located in the left navigation column. All SAC/HC Office Staff and their contact information can be found within the “Club” section of our website.

Any questions about the program should be directed to your Age Group Coordinator.