SAC Juniors Program Overview

The Soccer Association of Columbia/Howard County developed the SAC Juniors program to give young children additional opportunities to learn while playing. This program is appropriate for children ages 3 through 4. Each session is conducted in a spirit of fun with a holistic approach. Lessons are developed to reinforce curriculum from preschool and kindergarten. This includes patterns, colors, shapes, opposites, etc. Each session has an overriding principle of developing impulse control and compassion for others. These principles will guide young people throughout their lives. Players remain on task at all times with the elimination of lines and lectures.

Our program focuses on:

  • Aerobic and Anaerobic Activities that develop body awareness, agility, balance, range of motion and basic movement skills. These qualities can be transferred to any sport involving movement.
  • Ball Manipulation that develops a comfort level with the ball in a fun, challenging environment.
  • Imaginary Activities that put ball manipulation into action with targets and/or other desired individual outcomes.
  • Games that put players in a position to attack a goal while defending a goal. Usually done in a 1 v 1 format.