Travel Program Overview

SAC/HC provides two levels of Travel play:

  1. Premier
  1. United

SAC/HC’s Travel program is designed for players who wish to develop and compete at the highest individual and team level locally, regionally, nationally and even world-wide. All SAC/HC Travel teams compete at the highest level possible. These are the most competitive teams within the club. Coverage area, leagues and team assignments vary by age group and ability based on tryout result. No amount of game playing time is guaranteed for any player. Travel consists of two competitive levels; Premier and United.

Teams comprised of the top players in the Club chosen on a tryout basis. These teams compete at the highest level that their collective player skills will take them. On a team with 18 players, members of this team would be considered the top 18 players in the Travel program for their age group.
Teams comprised of high quality players chosen on a tryout basis. These teams compete at the highest level their collective player skills will take them. On a team of 18 players, members of this team would represent players 19-36 in the program. NOTE: If there are sufficient numbers in a particular age group, additional United level teams can be formed based on tryout results. During the year players can be moved between the Premier and United teams, or between United teams, based on additional assessments, team supplemental tryouts and league rules.

Playing Up
If authorized by the SAC/HC Technical Director, a player can play up one age group, but cannot play down.


SAC/HC holds 2 different types of travel Tryouts for all ages; Primary and Supplemental. All Primary and Supplemental tryout dates can be found on the Tryout Schedule section of our website. Please note that for the youngest Travel age group, different procedures are used for primary tryouts:

Primary Primary Travel tryouts for every team are held by the club each May/June for the following season (Fall & Spring). Players must attend at least one tryout to make any SAC/HC Travel team. Certain age groups may elect to have a final ‘call-back’ tryout where only players invited may attend, of which the teams will be selected. Should an age group elect to have a call-back tryout, it will be communicated to players and parents as they check in for their first tryout.
*Youngest Travel Age Group Primary Because this is the first age group to form a Travel team, tryouts will follow a different procedure. For the entire spring season, SAC/HC’s Travel Technical Staff will be evaluating the entire age groups player pool. Invitations are given to players to attend the invitational tryout, which is the second night. The first night is an open tryout that allows all age eligible players the opportunity to tryout. Invitations are extended from this first tryout to the second night in the form of “callbacks”. The Travel pool is selected from the second night of tryouts. Only players who receive invitations to the second tryout will be allowed to participate in the second tryout.
Supplemental Supplemental tryouts are scheduled by each coach as needed.