Cancellation/Make-up Policy

If any game is cancelled in accordance with SAC’s weather policy, all make-up games will be rescheduled for the weekend immediately following, on or offsite, on a day different than the originally scheduled game; any cancelled Friday night or Sunday games will play the following Saturday, any cancelled Saturday games will play the following Sunday. Game times will depend on the total number of cancelled games, starting as early as fields allow. When possible, Sunday make-up games will accomodate church hours. Make-up games will not play on club-recognized holiday weekends, instead, they will play the weekend immediately following the holiday.

All cancelled games are to be reported by one of the two opposing coaches, to their AGC, immediately following their game; including the minute of game play at the time of cancellation, the score at the time of cancellation, and the reason for cancellation. Any cancelled games not reported by the following Tuesday will be considered unreceived, and therefore recognized by the club as having been played; with either the score left as-is or recorded as a double forfeit.

Coaches/players/parents can expect that, pending extreme circumstances, any cancelled game will be rescheduled and updated online before the Wednesday following their cancelled game. Game change notifications will be sent out for every rescheduled game; however, coaches are still expected to check their online schedules for updates and communicate changes to their team. This will compensate for any possible error in the system (e.g., incorrect or changed email address, delays in notifications, etc.).