Tenured Coaches

SAC/HC has many coaches who have served the Club as a head coach for 5 or more consecutive years.  The following is a list of these coaches and the year in which they began coaching in the Travel or Recreational programs.  Please note that this does not include time spent as a coach in the Clinic (Under 5/6) Program.

Fall 1973 and Prior:
Bill McCormack

Fall 1983 and Prior:
Durvis Roberts

Fall 1993 and Prior:
Jack Carmody

Fall 1996 (22 years of service):
Doug Barnes

Fall 1999 (19 years of service):
Wilma Moran-Wylie

Fall 2000 (18 years of service):
Dave Reamer

Fall 2001 (17 years of service):
John Hain
Evgeney Yarosh

Fall 2002 (16 years of service):
Willie Ibarra
Greg Wright

Fall 2003 (15 years of service):
Paul Francisco
Kevin Flynn

Fall 2005 (13 years of service):
Jeff Filler
Paul Narron
Todd Snyder

Fall 2006 (12 years of service):
Andy Dalal
Peter Hommel
Ken Ververs
Brad Wilson

Fall 2007 (11 years of service):
Pat Daugherty
Michael Ditter
Nathean Meadows
William Meyer
Dean Randall

Fall 2008 (10 years of service):
Paul Capodanno
Ivan Croft
Jonathan Davis
Peter Hagen
Denis Herrera
Bill Lewis
Glenn Lieu
Christopher Loetell
Joseph Vogelpohl

Fall 2009 (9 years of service):
Jason Armstead
Michael Carney
Jon Larsson
Michael Lefebvre
Pedro Martins

Fall 2010 (8 years of service):
Chris Bomhardt
Vincent D’Antuono
Bryan Green
Bernard Hartog
Mike Liesch
Davis Maciorowski
Michael Raffael
John Salmans
Jie Zhang

Fall 2011 (7 years of service):
Ben Barnhart
Larry Boodin
Gary Brown
Bryant Garcia
Sean Gerrity
Chris Jenkins
Frank Lopez
BJ McKellar
Cindy Nicodemus
Femi Oladinni
Christina Tiley
Kris Tucker

Fall 2012/2013 (5-6 years of service):
Lee Burrows
Raed Dheini
Sam Haddad
Eric Haupt
Michael Hoppers
Mark Hopwood
Sean Hull
Paul Kroft
Brent Kvech
Parthiv Mahadevia
Chris Martin
Adam Morse
Serif Mumuney
Michael Oudemans
Geoff Pickett
Wayne Schneider
Jeff Shang
Ben Sipkoff
Luis Story
Andrea Sykes
Sidney Thomas
Bob Wagner
Bobby Watson
Adam Wrede
Nicholas Zaron