Travel Managers

Thank you for volunteering to be the manager of your team. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact the SAC Travel Administrator, Sharon Finney, at or at 410-203-9590, x 2049.

So, you’ve been appointed manager for your team, now what do you do?


SAC Player Registration
MSYSA Registration
US Club Soccer
Administrative Handbook for Managers, Treasurers, and Coaches
Team Finances
UA Uniforms and Accessories
League Information
Field Rentals and BOE Practice Fields
U9–U14 Technical Training
Financial Aid Requests
Tryouts and Supplemental Tryouts
SAC Technical Staff
SAC Office Staff

SAC Player Registration

Once your age group’s rosters have been submitted and tryouts have concluded, the SAC Office will send Managers a link to a shared document.  This shared document will be used throughout the year to keep track of players’ registrations.

Upon acceptance to the team, players are required to:

  • Complete the SAC Travel Club Membership Dues Registration in Sports Connect
  • Set up their Snap!Spend account and pay a Commitment Fee
  • Complete their MSYSA Player registration

The SAC Office will keep the shared document updated to reflect players’ current registration and payment status.  Managers are asked to monitor the shared document and encourage completion of all tasks as well as enter a jersey number for each player.

MSYSA (Maryland State Youth Soccer Association) Registration

Players, Coaches and Managers must complete an MSYSA registration each year to be added to the team’s official MSYSA roster.  Coaches and Managers must also complete the Concussion and Safe Sport Training and submit for a background check each year. Additionally, a coaching license must be uploaded for the team’s head coach before the team can be approved.

Any questions regarding MSYSA registration should be directed to Christine O’Brien (  Once all players, all coaches and the manager have completed all necessary registrations and trainings, Christine will submit the roster for approval.

MSYSA team registration fees are included in your SAC Club Fees.

Team Binder
Your approved roster, player cards and medical release forms should be placed in a Team Binder. All MSYSA and League paperwork should be in the team binder and taken to all games and tournaments by the manager or a representative.

Administrative Handbook for Managers, Treasurers, and Coaches

This handbook will provide the team with guidelines for team managers, treasurers, and coaches. Specific role responsibilities are identified in the appendixes.

Administrative Handbook (.pdf) (to be updated 2022-2023)

Team Finances

The team treasurer will handle most financial responsibilities for the team.  Treasurer guidelines and responsibilities can be found on the Travel Treasurers webpage.

Under Armour Travel Uniforms and Accessories

All SAC Travel team uniform orders are placed as a single team order through Ewing Sports in Trenton NJ.  For guidelines on ordering, go to the SAC Travel Uniform webpage.


  • SAC is sponsored by Under Armour. All team and coach apparel must be Under Armour. This includes keeper jerseys.
  • Guidelines for Uniform Kits for 2022-2023
  • Required travel kit for players include uniform jerseys (blue & white), uniform shorts (blue & white), socks (blue & white) and a practice jersey (gray or gold).  This must be ordered through Ewing Sports.
  • All Goal Keepers will wear Under Armour jerseys.  They may be purchased through Ewing Sports.
  • U9-U10’s will purchase an extra team jersey for the rotating players.

League Information

EDP Futures – CMSSL
Boys and Girls U8 through U11

Eastern Development Program League
Boys and Girls U11-U18

Field Rentals and BOE Practice Fields

Covenant Park

  • Please complete this form with multiple options (flexibility).
  • Return completed form to  between July 1st and July 27th for fall field rental requests and between January 19 and February 9th for spring field rental requests.
  • All fees and rules are listed on the form.
  • Managers, coaches, and treasurers will receive a confirmation with dates, field assignment, and fee estimates prior to the field rental season.
  • A reservation deposit will be required. Fees will be transferred out of your team account.

BOE Practice Fields

  • The Board Of Education has approved and assigned these fields for SAC for teams to practice on at no cost.  This list is updated for the Fall and Spring seasons.  Any specific dates that fields are not available are labeled accordingly and must be adhered to.
  • Teams may not reserve BOE school grass fields. Grass fields must be shared with SAC teams and organizations also holding the permit to the same field.
  • Please do not train on High School Bermuda turf fields.
  • Teams may not train on a High School stadium synthetic turf field without a permit through HCRP.
  • Please call the BOE weather line for possible closings: 410-313-6827.

Howard County Recreation and Parks (HCRP)

  • Teams or Individuals may reserve field rentals as a Howard County resident by calling 410-313-4700.  The person who holds the permit will be responsible for making payment through HCRP.  SAC is not responsible for these rental fees.
  • Other teams sharing the reserved field on the permit are required to pay the team permit holder for their share of the permit costs, using the transfer option in Snap!Spend (at the time the permit funds are due.)

U8 – U12 Technical Training

  • Technical Training Sessions (TTS) will be scheduled for your team each fall and spring season. It will be held weekly with sessions led by the age group’s Pre-Academy (U11-U12) or Premier Blue (U8-U10) coach.  Sessions are scheduled on Monday or Tuesday by the Director of Coaching.
  • TTS schedules will be provided prior to each season.
  • Trainer fees are included in the team’s SAC Club Fee.
  • Field usage fees are included in the player’s SAC Travel Club Membership Dues.


Guidelines for Tournaments 2022-2023
  • Team Requirements – any exceptions must be approved by the Director of Coaching (DOC)
    • Columbus Day Tournament (October) – mandatory for Premier White ((U11-U15) and United (U9-U15) teams
    • Columbia Classic Tournament (November) – mandatory for Premier White ((U11-U19) and United (U9-U19) teams
    • Amanda Post Tournament (March) – mandatory for Premier White teams (U11-U12) and all United teams(U9-U12)
    • Columbia Invitational/CIST (May) – mandatory for all Pre-Academy, Premier, and United Blue teams; all other United teams must receive permission from the DOC for tournament selection on Memorial Day weekend
  • Team Manager or an assigned tournament volunteer should access all tournament websites and read the rules and instructions for each tournament prior to applying
  • Entry fees will be transferred from Snap!Spend team account to SAC on the application date
  • Coaches do not receive any travel expense reimbursements for SAC owned or SAC hosted tournaments
  • Bond checks are NOT required from SAC teams for SAC owned or any Elite Tournament tournaments

Financial Aid Requests

  • Parents should contact for their financial aid application.  A financial aid application must be submitted annually.
  • Players must pay the SAC Travel Club Membership Dues in Sports Connect and their team Commitment Fee in Snap!Spend before requesting SAC Travel financial aid. Travel financial aid is for assistance towards team assessments only.
  • Treasurers will be contacted to submit the Annual Budget to accompany any financial aid application for review.
  • Treasurers will be contacted with the status of the financial aid applications.  If approved, the financial aid amount will be transferred to team account and credited to the player’s account in Snap!Spend for assessments.
  • Treasurers should establish a monthly payment plan for parents requesting financial aid.  Players will not receive financial aid for the full amount of the player’s assessments and are responsible for the remaining team fees.
  • The maximum allowed scholarship is 70% of the team’s budgeted assessment for the season; not to exceed $750.

Tryouts and Supplemental Tryouts

  • The Primary Tryout Schedule will be posted on the SAC website in April each year. Each age group’s Team Managers (all levels) will conduct the player registration table as a group. The manager of the top team will be considered to be the leader for the group.
  • Tryout paperwork and number packets will be provided to each age group.  This will be available in the SAC office and should be picked up by the coach, leader or designee.
  • Team managers will provide a sign-in table and volunteers, as needed, to cover the scheduled days of tryouts.
  • Once all players have accepted their invitation to join the team and the roster is set, the coach will submit the roster to the SAC office using a provided shared document.
  • Supplemental tryout announcements may be posted on the SAC website by emailing