Holiday Clinics

Program Details

No School? Make it a Soccer Day! SAC offers Holiday Clinics on days that Howard County Public Schools have off. This program was designed with a curriculum for all levels of play with an emphasis on having fun! Both full day or half day sessions are offered. All programs are run by SAC travel coaches with extensive youth soccer experience. Stay active, improve your skills, have fun!

5 – 14 years old

Full day (9:00-4:00pm):  $80
Morning (9:00-12:00pm): $45
Afternoon (1:00-4:00pm):  $45

See program schedule below.
For a list of our fields/addresses, please follow this link:  Locations/Directions

Required Equipment
Parents are expected to provide for their child: an appropriately sized ball; a water bottle; shin guards; and soccer cleats.

Please note that Holiday Clinics are considered separate programs and will require separate registration for each.

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Upcoming HW Day/Holiday Clinics

January 17, 2022 (CANCELED)
HC 156a (1/17, 9-4pm, Sofive Columbia)
HC 156b (1/17, 9-12pm, Sofive Columbia)
HC 156c (1/17, 1-4pm, Sofive Columbia)

January 24, 2022
HC 157a (1/24, 9-4pm, Soccer Dome Harmans)
HC 157b (1/24, 9-12pm, Soccer Dome Harmans)
HC 157c (1/24, 1-4pm, Soccer Dome Harmans)

February 1, 2022
HC 158a (2/1, 9-4pm, Soccer Dome Harmans)
HC 158b (2/1, 9-12pm, Soccer Dome Harmans)
HC 158c (2/1, 1-4pm, Soccer Dome Harmans)

February 21, 2022
HC 159a (2/21, 9-4pm, Sofive Columbia)
HC 159b (2/21, 9-12pm, Sofive Columbia)
HC 159c (2/21, 1-4pm, Sofive Columbia)

April 18, 2022
HC 160a (4/18, 9-4pm, Covenant Park)
HC 160b (4/18, 9-12pm, Covenant Park)
HC 160c (4/18, 1-4pm, Covenant Park)

May 3, 2022
HC 161a (5/3, 9-4pm, Covenant Park)
HC 161b (5/3, 9-12pm, Covenant Park)
HC 161c (5/3, 1-4pm, Covenant Park)

May 30, 2022
HC 162a (5/30, 9-4pm, Covenant Park)
HC 162b (5/30, 9-12pm, Covenant Park)
HC 162c (5/30, 1-4pm, Covenant Park)