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New AED Devices at Covenant Park

We are excited to announce that additional Automated External Defibillators (AED’S) have been installed at the Bob Lucido Fields at Covenant Park. These devices can be located:
– In the room behind the building at all times (just at the bottom of the outside staircase)
– In each of the outdoor pavilions during game weekends
Operation Manual (.pdf)

In loving memory of David Lubitz

Over the past year, David and his family established the Coach Luby Foundation, a non-profit whose mission is to support training the next generation of youth coaches by building and fostering the skills needed to influence the positive development of children, and to help disadvantaged youth of Columbia to be able to compete in sports at all levels. David has identified 4 key qualities – leadership, sportsmanship, mentorship and compassion that will help coaches and youth to succeed in the ultimate game — the game of life! –

Fall 2021/Spring 2022 Travel/Pre-Academy Coaches
The 2021/2022 Travel/Pre-Academy Coaches list has been posted to the website. Click here to view.
COVID Policies

General Guidelines
If you are sick or feel sick, STAY HOME.

At risk individuals, youth or adult, STAY HOME (if you are unsure if you are considered at risk, please consult your medical provider directly).

Face Covering/Mask Policy
Effective at 5pm on Friday, April 30;

In conjunction with Howard County and MD State mandate changes, masks will no longer be required for outdoor club events at Covenant Park or any other Howard County Rec and Park or Howard County owned fields – including, but not limited to, games and practices. This extends to players, coaches, spectators and referees. Any teams traveling out of Howard County for club events are still expected to follow the policies/mandates of the local jurisdiction.

We do, however, still recommend and encourage all individuals who are not fully vaccinated and/or any fully vaccinated individuals who would feel more comfortable, to continue to wear their masks and maintain safe social distancing, per CDC guidelines.

Exposure Guidelines
SAC will be following MD State Government protocols on Exposure and Quarantine/Isolation.

Parents: If your player has either (a) exposed your team to, or (b) been exposed by your team to COVID-19, it is imperative that you notify your Coach immediately.

Coaches: If you have been made aware of any team exposure to COVID-19, please notify our Director of Coaching, Aki Lake, immediately.

SAC Office Hours

The SAC office will be open Monday-Friday from 10-3pm.

DICK’S Sporting Goods Year-long Savings
How to become a US Soccer Grassroots Referee
Interested in becoming a referee? Maryland Soccer Referees can help you get started!
A detailed account of the process can be found here:
The Bob Lucido Fields at Covenant Park
An aerial tour of our complex.
SAC Magnets
SAC car magnets and stickers can be obtained free of charge at the SAC Office.

Lucido Fields at Covenant Park
Field 1: Open
Field 3: Open
Field 4: Open
Field 5: Open
Field 6: Open
Field 7: Open
Field 8: Open
Field 9: Open

BOE – Grass Fields
If the message is not updated, use best judgement
(410) 313-6827

Alpha Ridge Park/Glenelg HS/Marriott’s Ridge HS/Western Regional Park
(410) 313-4372

Blandair Park/Oakland Mills HS
(410) 313-3673

Dayton Oaks Park/Reservoir HS/Schooly Mills Park
(410) 313-4458

Atholton HS/Cedar Lane Park/Hammond HS/Wilde Lake HS
(410) 313-4453

Centennial HS/Centennial Park/River Hill HS
(410) 313-4454

Howard HS/Long Reach HS/Mt.Hebron HS/Rockburn Park/Troy Park
(410) 313-4455

Primary Tryouts

SAC holds Primary Tryouts annually in the May/June time frame for the upcoming seasonal year. Please refer to the Supplemental Tryouts section to view teams who are actively looking for players.

Primary tryouts for the Fall 2020/Spring 2021 season have been posted:
Select Tryouts
Travel/Pre-Academy Tryouts

Supplemental Tryouts

Supplemental tryouts are scheduled by coaches who are looking to add players to their team. Some teams will post specific tryouts dates/times and others will issue a general notice. Either way, please reach out to the contact listed if you are interested in attending.

Supplemental Tryouts for the Fall 2021/Spring 2022 Season:

Boys 2006 Travel (United White)
9/7 | 5:00-6:15pm | Covenant Park field 7
Contact Coach Sherman at if interested

Girls 2008/2007 Select
9/8 | 5:00-6:15pm | Covenant Park 1a
Contact Coach Camacho at if interested

Girls 2004 & 2005 Travel (Pre-Academy & Premier Blue)
9/12 | 6:30-8:00pm | River Hill High School
Contact Coach Wilson at if interested

Girls 2004 Travel (Pre-Academy)
Looking for a Goalkeeper
Contact coach Wilson at if interested

Boys 2003 Travel (Pre-Academy)
Looking for a few experienced travel players
Contact Coach Martins at or 240-938-0722 for supplemental tryouts

Girls 2007 Travel (Premier Blue)
Opening for Goalkeeper. Training provided.
Contact Michael Ditter 443-386-8288

Boys 2004 Travel
6/24 | 6:00-7:30pm | Covenant Park 6

Girls 2008 Travel (All Teams)
Looking for players
Contact Coach Hopwood at 410-900-4702 for details

Girls 2013 Travel
Looking to add 1-2 players and will be holding supplemental tryouts.
Contact Coach French at if interested

Meeting Schedule

Travel Coaches Meeting
August 22 | 7:00pm | SAC Office

New Coaches Meeting (Rec)
August 31 | 8:00pm | Zoom

Jr Academy Coaches Meeting
September 2 | 6:30pm | Zoom

Coaching Education Schedule

Rec Coaching Education
Instructor: Aki Lake, Director of Coaching

Observing Travel Technical Training

Rec GK Education

Junior Academy Coaches Training
Instructor: Willie Ibarra, Travel Coach

New Coaches Training Session

John Ellinger, Jozy Altidore and Kyle Beckerman Reflect on the History of U-17 Residency Program
American Safety & Health Institute
Basic first aid for the community and  workplace
US Soccer Heading Mandates
US Soccer has implemented mandates, effective January 1, 2016, which restrict the heading of a soccer ball for players aged 12 and under. Click here for more complete information on the mandates.
Concussions in Soccer
What players, parents, coaches, & referees need to know. Provided by U.S. Soccer:
Concussion Facts. Provided by CDC
Howard County Introduces Life-Saving App
Howard County Department of Fire and Rescue Services has introduced a smartphone app called PulsePoint. When someone calls 911 about a person in sudden cardiac arrest, PulsePoint will notify citizens in the area trained in CPR that someone needs assistance. It also provides maps and directions to the nearest Automated External Defibrillator, or AED. Source Article from Baltimore Sun

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Season Based Programs


For Players aged 3-6. An age-appropriate introduction to soccer. Your first opportunity to play on a team.


For players aged 7-18. Welcome to the largest Recreational league in the area.


For players aged 8-14. Higher competition and commitment than Rec. Tryout-based program.


Players aged 7-18. Higher competition and commitment than Select. Tryout-based program.


The highest level of youth soccer in the country. Teams compete against other MLS and non-MLS academy clubs.

Camps and Clinic Programs


For players aged 8-14. Designed to provide an additional weekly training opportunity.


For players aged 5-14. Day long camps held on days Howard County Public Schools are closed.


For players aged 5-14. All sessions are run at the Bob Lucido Fields at Covenant Park by licensed coaches.


For players aged 5-14. All SAC Training Academy camps are held at Covenant Park and run by licensed coaches.


Rec Summer League (player registration). Boys High School Summer League (team registration)














The highest level of youth soccer in the country

BA 13’s (2009)

Oscar Sancho-Davila (Boys)
Jeremy Dillon (Girls)

BA 16’s (2006)

Oscar Sancho-Davila (Boys)
Sam Haddad (Girls)

BA 14’s (2008)

Aki Lake (Boys)
Jeremy Dillon (Girls)

BA 17’s (2005)

Mike Lookingland (Boys)
Sam Haddad (Girls)

BA 15’s (2007)

Machel Millwood (Boys)
Adam Wrede (Girls)

BA 18/19’s (2004/2003)

Mike Lookingland (Boys)
Sam Haddad (Girls)



of the English Premier League